My story



Ratko Torma is not a painter. He is basicly a narrator who did not find himself in writing, so he decided to tell his story through painting. In his earliest period of life, the basic expression of this self-styled artist was purely an abstract drawing, which leads to some abstract murals that did not come up with a particularly favorable critique so that in his fifth year of life he began to be more interested in very simplified drawings of humans and animals, which is a turning point in his artistic expression which led to his obsession with painting people, portraits and some religious paintings for churches, where he united his longstanding need for painting on the walls with his passion of painting people, in order to lately pass on some form of expressing personal spirituality through painting. The main theme of his last opus is the process of liberating man from the strivings of the materialistic, consumeristic society and achieving happiness from within, in contrast to a profound belief that external factors, such as money, can bring us happiness. The very title of the last opus of the "Mental construct" suggests that our thoughts, desires and cravings are the main causes of our suffering and that the personal happiness of each of us lies deeply in us, because within each one of us lies the entire universe. The main goal of the artist is to acquire a lot of money with this opus in order to be able to afford villas, yachts, expensive cars and women, so that he does not have to work anymore in his life... And to influence spiritual awakening with his paintings as well.